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Fire and Property Fire and property Insurance contracts mainly compensate the Company's customers for damage suffered to their properties or for the value of property lost.
Marine and Transportation Marine Insurance covers the loss or damage of vessels, cargo, terminals, and any transport or property.
MOTOR AND AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE Motor Insurance provides protection against losses incurred as a result of theft, traffic accidents and against third party liability that could be incurred in an accident.
BONDS AND Engineering Major earning of the company in this portfolio is through underwriting of engineering policies written on behalf of large consulting firms and contracting companies of International repute.
HEALTH AND TRAVEL INSURANCE Just recently, your company introduced Travel and Health Insurance through corporate offices of Islamabad and Karachi under the control of our consultant Mr. M. Jamaluddin.
MISCELLANEOUS In spite of many technological advancements in agriculture sciences including weather forecasting, Crop farming enterprise still remains vulnerable to the vagaries of nature including floods, drought, hailstorm, windstorm, pest and diseases, etc.
CROP AND LIABILITY INSURANCE Livestock sector has assumed an increasingly critical role in the rural economy of Pakistan as 30-35 million rural population

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East West Insurance Company Limited appeared on the Horizon of Insurance Industry in Pakistan in 1983, Founded by late Mr. Unus Khan who was its first Chairman.Over the years the Company, with the help of its management and diligent staff, has successfully accomplished the essential task of gaining the good will and confidence of its policy holders as one of the leading Insurance Companies with a vast network of branches all over the country.

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