l Important Information | East West Insurance Company Limited

Important Information

  • Company Secretary
    • Shabbir Ali Kanchwala
  • Legal Advisor
    • Khalid Law Associates
  • Auditors
    • Crowe Hussain Chaudhury & Co.
    • Chartered Accountants
  • Tax Advisor
    • Afnan Tax Consultants
  • Compliance Manager
    • Muzzamil Usman Karim
  • Shares Registrar
    • THK (Pvt) Ltd.
    • Plot # 32-C, Street # 2, D.H.A Phase VII, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Notice of Annual General Meeting

    Declaration of Dividend and/or Bonus Shares

    10% Bonus declared for the current period.

    Dividend Mandate Form

    Right Issue of Shares

    0 % right issue declared for the current period.

    Investor/Policyholder Related Grievance

    In case of any investor/Policyholder related grievance, please feel free to send an e-mail direct to Senior Management of the Company at investor@ewi.com.pk

    Mr.Muhammad Shareef m.shareef@ewi.com.pk

    Mr.Imran Ahmed imran.ahmed@ewi.com.pk

    Mr.Muhammad Altaf m.altaf.ho@ewi.com.pk

    The grievance department will resolve the grievance within ten (10) working days, however, if in an unlikely situation the grievance left unresolved the matter will be forwarded to the Company Secretary (email: info@ewi.com.pk) and in the worst case, the matter will be placed to the CEO for its resolution within next five (05) working days.

    For any unresolved investment-related matter, you may contact investor complaint section of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan at www.secp.gov.pk/complaintform1.asp

    Earning per share (Rupees) 2.30

    Price earning ratio 45.54

    Break up value per share (Rupees) 14.41