Despite these improvements, breast cancer remains the second

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pandora essence Summary pointsDespite the increasing incidence of breast cancer, death rates are falling owing to earlier diagnosis, better surgical and radiotherapy techniques, and improved systemic therapiesThere is substantial evidence for extended hormone therapy in premenopausal and postmenopausal women with hormone receptor positive early breast cancerIn metastatic HER2 positive breast cancer there are now multiple lines of HER2 targeted therapiesBreast cancer remained the most common cancer in women in 2013 and its incidence continues to rise.1 Nonetheless, mortality is falling, partly as a result of earlier diagnosis through mammographic screening,2 improved surgical techniques and attention to margins, improved delivery of radiotherapy, and better adjuvant medical therapies (fig 1). Despite these improvements, breast cancer remains the second most common cause of death from cancer in women.Fig 1 Incidence of breast cancer in women and mortality rates in the United Kingdom over the past 30 years. Data from Cancer Research UK1This review focuses on the medical treatment of breast cancer in the adjuvant and metastatic settings, with particular attention to recent advances and changes in practice since our last review in 2008.3 4 We discuss how targeted therapies can be used to individualise and tailor the management of breast cancer according to tumour biology and molecular subtype.Sources and selection criteriaWe used PubMed to identify recent published updates on the medical management of breast cancer. pandora essence

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pandora necklaces If data on carcinoma in situ were missing, we estimated overdiagnosis with these cases included, assuming that they would contribute 10% of the diagnoses in a population offered screening10 11 that is, we divided the incidence of invasive cancers by 0.9.Selection of last prescreening yearThe last prescreening year was usually the year before formal implementation of screening. If the levels of invasive breast cancer or carcinoma in situ appeared to increase abruptly in the years immediately before the introduction of screening, however, we excluded these years from estimates of trends before screening. Carcinoma in situ is rarely diagnosed without screening and such increases indicate opportunistic screening (screening outside the organised programme) pandora necklaces.

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