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Marine and Cargo

  • Marine And Cargo

    Marine Insurance covers loss or damage of goods during normal course of transportation.  In case of any loss or damage during transportation/voyage the same would be settled according to the respective Institute Cargo and/or Rail/Road Clauses. The following are three types of Marine Cargo Insurance:-
    1. Import Insurance Import of all types of shipments through Sea, Air and/or Rail/Road from other countries is called “Marine Import Insurance”.
    2. Export Insurance All types of shipments being sent to other countries through sea, air and/or Rail/Road is called “Marine Export Insurance”.
    3. Transit Insurance This insurance covers loss or damage during transportation of goods within the country through sea,air, and/or Rail/Road.
    Loss Compensation
    The following risks are supposed to be happening during voyage:-
    • Loss due to theft of goods
    • Loss due to Snatching of goods
    • Loss or damage due to Fire
    • Loss or damage due to breakage/wear and tear of goods
    • Loss or damage due to terrorism
    The Marine Insurance compensates loss or damage due to above mentioned risks and/or like nature. For further clarification you may contact our nearest office or phone numbers of the Company.
    Necessary required information for Marine Insurance
    • Name of Insured
    • Complete address of consignee/consignor
    • Shipping advice, truck and/or Bilty Nos. and date of shipment/dispatch etc.
    • Complete details of goods.
    • International Packing standard etc.

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