That means getting our own house in order and cutting the cost

He has also worked as an assistant principal in Little Cypress Mauriceville CISD and as a fourth and sixth grade teacher. Lumberton ISD’s was last year’s Region 5 nominee for the honor, which has been given since 1984. Joseph Burns was the last Region 5 nominee to win the Texas award.

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cheap nfl jerseys But where is the fun in that? Allow me, instead, to mock Cameron and Clegg’s hypocrisy and to heap derision on their U turn. It was Cameron, after all, special adviser to Norman Lamont and Michael Howard, who said in 2009: “If we’re going to take our country through these difficult times, those who lead must lead by powerful example. That means getting our own house in order and cutting the cost of politics.” It was he who promised that ministers would be restricted to one special adviser each.. cheap nfl jerseys

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